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Sijo is a very knowledgeable and experienced realtor. He helped me buy my second home. As a person, he is very friendly, trustworthy and easy to work with. All my friends who bought homes had him as their realtor. He is very quick, responsive and accountable. He responds to emails, texts, calls very promptly and offers valuable suggestions for buying, selling, renting properties. He helped us finalize our contract within 3 days and that too with some negotiation. I would highly recommend Sijo for real estate dealings.

Amit Jain, July 26, 2016

Sijo vadakkan is a name in every household in austin area. He is a GO to person for any kind of queries related to house hunting . He is very knowledgable and he changed my idea of buying a home in an area where I thought I would have my dream home, his suggestions were so valuable and he changed my direction and today I thank him from bottom of my heart . His suggestion was so valuable and correct .. He is very responsive ... 24/7 support .... He works with you as a friend .... He negotiates for us as it's his home and I was very impressed.... I have referred pretty much all my friends and each one of them are so happy ... Above all, he is a great human being and working with him was fun... He had great vision of what he was doing and his processes always helped him do the best... A great Realtor ... Without doubt

Santhosh Karuthethil, July 26, 2016

Sijo is a very experienced Realtor in Austin TX area. He is very knowledgeable in the real estate area and guided me to bought the right home. He is very good human being and helpful for through the buying process and also helped after closing the house. Still providing good advices and tips for maintaining the home.

Bino J. Chacko, July 26, 2016

Sijo Vadakkan is one of the gem realtor in Austin area. He is always reachable and has good knowledge on real estate industry. He visited time to time to make sure house construction progress is in correct track and gave tips and work around. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Sujit Kumar, July 26, 2016

Sijo and his team made our home purchase process very easy, pleasurable experience. He estimated the value of home below than what we thought and saved us lot of money. We are very impressed by the way they took care of us in every step right from offer, taking care of inspection issues, and negotiation with sellers. They promptly updated us with what is happening in the process. They are highly dependable, quality oriented team.

Suren Madineni, July 26, 2016

We had a great experience with Sijo. He is always accessible and there for us to answer any questions. He is a very good person who will act on his client's best interest. Sijo knows the area extremely well and showed us a long list of homes until we picked our dream house in Avery Ranch area.

Srinivas Byrapaneni, June 7, 2014

Got introduced to Sijo thru one of my friend but after very initial introduction over phone, I found Sijo to be very familiar with the local real estate market. Even though I couldn\'t meet him in person for initial couple days, he was always Available 24/7 (he was responding back to my emails sent very late night !!). My home closing meetings got re-scheduled with title company but he made sure to take time out of his busy schedule to present with us and help answer any queries that we had.

Overall, I found him to be very knowledgeable, sincere and diligent throught the entire buying process.

N K Sharma, May 19, 2014, Austin, Texas

Got introduced to Sijo thru one of my friend but after very initial introduction over phone, I found Sijo to be very familiar with the local real estate market. Even though I couldn\'t meet him in person for initial couple days, he was always Available 24/7 (he was responding back to my emails sent very late night !!). My home closing meetings got re-scheduled with title company but he made sure to take time out of his busy schedule to present with us and help answer any queries that we had.

Overall, I found him to be very knowledgeable, sincere and diligent throught the entire buying process.

Dipen Shah, May 14, 2014, Austin, Texas

Sijo was very helpful in finding out houses to buy here in Austin. His website used to send us the list of homes as per our requirements. He was always ready to come and show the house and finally when we decided to by buys a newly built house, his expertise came into picture for helping us to select a great builder and community. Also during closing he had great offers and suggestions which saved us a lot of money.

Sijo will be a great Realtor for anyone who wants to buy an old or new house here in Texas.

Lijoy Jacob, April 16, 2014, Austin, TX

Local knowledge :*****
Process expertise:*****
Responsiveness :*****
Negotiation skills :*****

Sijo was beyond professional. He was communicative, showed initiation, and sincere care for our needs as first time home buyers. Sijo\'s aims to serve, and he knocks it out of the park. He went the extra mile and helped make our first home buying experience nearly stress free. Sijo knows his stuff, and made this whole process a wonderful experience. Two Thumbs up for Sijo\'s service!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Sijo or do business with him again. On top of all these positives, Sijo has a great incentive program which is a big differentiator.

Pradeep Vulli, April 15, 2014, Austin, TXWebsite
Austin - 

Trustworthy, Patient and Professional. Not pushy at all and Sijo will be with you from the start to the end. Sijo also has very good contacts in and around Texas to get you very competitive interest rates and insurance quotes. Go with Sijo and you cannot go wrong!

Jess, September 30, 2013, Austin, Tx
Austin - 

A++ Hands-on, Knowledgeable, Go-getter, Warm & Friendly! Sijo helped me with comparison between properties which enabled me to narrow down faster. I would recommend Sijo to anyone looking to buy new home.
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Austin, TX.

Srinivas, September 30, 2013, Austin, Tx

Excellent service, no other brokerage can compete with Trinity Texas Realty, I highly likely recommend to every one. Their cash back program really motivate all buyer
Highly likely to recommend 09/16/2013
Bought a home in 2013.

Ravi, September 30, 2013, Austin, Tx

Special thanks to Sijo Vadakkan on helping out with the purchase and after-move in support, No one can compete with Trinity Texas Realty

Highly likely to recommend 07/12/2013
Bought a home in 2013.

Avik, September 30, 2013, Austin, Tx

Sijo and his team are amazing folks. Sijo is a seasoned realtor who has the real pulse of real estate market in Austin and surrounding areas. We are very demanding buyers with a lot of requirements. Sijo heard our requirements patiently and immediately got to work by setting us up with his screening system sending us homes that were in market and/or coming to market in real-time. When we started looking, we were caught in a very aggressive seller’s market. Houses going over asking prices within days with multiple bids was a common affair.

Sijo with his experience would only send us houses that would appeal to us and were worth looking it. He would lay out pros and cons of a certain house without being pushy. The house we finally liked and bought was shown to us the day it came on market with Sijo submitting the bid the same night (actually within 30 minutes of our green signal to him). We learned the next day that there were multiple bids on the house. I informed Sijo that we were prepared to increase our offer price if there was a need. With his experience, Sijo felt confident that we had strong offer and that there was no need to go higher. He kept in constant communication with us and the seller’s agent to make sure that we had the eye on the ball. Sijo’s expertise was proven when we got the house in this crazy Austin market. I highly recommend him for your real estate needs. It was a breeze conducting business with him.

Anu and Sandeep, September 28, 2013, Austin, TX
Austin - 

We were first time home buyers and we were looking for a trusted agent who could not only find us the house we are looking for but also explain overall process in detail, he is very patient and also very helpful to us, he also helped us find loan officer who could help us with loan process. I trusted Sijo to help me with the overall process and I\'m very happy that we picked him as our agent.

Srini, September 10, 2013, Austin,Tx
Austin - 

Sijo has been one of the best people to work with and has made the process of buying a home more easy. He was Spot on on everything and has been advising all the time.

You can definitely get all the help needed to search/buy a home.

Thanks very much for all the help.

Pavan, September 10, 2013, Austin Tx
Austin - 

Major decision making is a huge responsibility and that sometimes involve associating oneself with responsible persons. This note is about such an association.
Making a decision on the realtor to help us find our desired home was not difficult as we had received many positive reviews about Sijo Vadakkan from all around. True to our ears that decision did not prove wrong as the final result prove it.
Realtors are a plenty around, but to find that someone who understands your need and works with you in an all-round capacity can be difficult. However, Mr. Vadakkan is different and he is a one stop-shop for all your real estate needs – our experience prove it.
I would recommend Mr. Vadakkan, to be their realtor, to anyone who is on the lookout for a dedicated, involved, patient, concerned, understanding, knowledgeable and an expert realtor.

Saj, September 7, 2013, AUSTIN tx

As a real estate investor, Austin is THE place to invest in. The biggest challenge in RE investing is to find an agent who will partner with you to look out for your best interests. Great opportunities are hard to come by, you have to be constantly looking out, and when it happens, time is of the essence. You need to move aggressively to see the property, make offer, negotiate and close the deal. I consider myself privileged to have Sijo on my side. Not only he did find me great deals, he did a superb job of finding stable renters for my properties. He is a full service broker, so manages all of my investment properties at a very reasonable cost. His sincerity and integrity of wanting to provide excellent customer service even if it was to his expenses is to be appreciated. I would extremely highly recommend Sijo if you are considering real estate investments. Thanks and happy investing!

Kris Vas, August 16, 2013, CaliforniaWebsite

When we were considering relocating, I chose to interview three Realtors and Sijo won in the interview process. The knowledge, experience, and patience was outstanding and was the type of person whom I felt that I could both work with and whom I would want to represent me. Working with him has been an amazing experience. I was highly impressed with the courtesy & friendliness of Sijo Given the market conditions, he did not disappoint. He never said no and continued to display open-houses with the eager and optimism of his first one. Emails, phone calls and text were answered instantly around the clock. Amazing service, knowledge and caring attitude sum up my experience. I would enthusiastically recommend Sijo to handle all your real estate needs. “Thank You”

B&S, August 16, 2013, AustinWebsite

Thanks Sijo for helping find us our sweet home. If not you, we could not submit our offer on the same day the house came on the market.

R&S, August 13, 2013Website

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