Anita Husen


ADDRESS: 2251 S Bagdad Rd, Ste 101, Cedar Park, TX 78613

OFFICE: 512 279 4596


Anita is a connector, educator, and community builder. Raised by a realtor, she grew up learning all the aspects of the real estate industry. As a board member for the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation Anita is an expert in forecasting economic and residential trends. And as a Longhorn, Anita has followed the dynamic growth of the Austin Area for over a decade. 

Having served as faculty at Princeton and Associate Dean at Stanford, Anita approaches her clients with an educator's lens. She empowers her clients to make informed decisions about their home purchases, regardless of their past experience and familiarity with the real estate process. Anita has the patience and translation skills necessary to simplify the process for out-of-state and first-time home buyers. 

In addition to English, Anita speaks Spanish, Arabic, Hindi/Urdu, and Gujarati.